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Pillows are specifically designed to provide comfort while sleeping. But as time goes by, their purposes go beyond that. Nowadays, pillows are also being used for marketing brands. These custom logo pillows from Somersby and Perrier are the perfect example of creative pillows for promotion.

Custom logo pillows are not typical promotional merchandise among beverage businesses. When we hear about this industry, we immediately associate it with promotional drinking glassesbranded ice bucketscustomised mugs, and branded wine gifts.


However, several brands, like Somersby and Perrier, started to break this idea and try to become more innovative in marketing their business.

Thus, aside from glasses and coasters, they also added custom cushions for their promotion.

We saw these ideas in a restaurant we visited in Cyprus.

The pillows are customised with the brands’ logos, and their signature colours add appeal to these soft pads.

How to Invite More Customers with Custom Logo Pillows?

.Like other beverage promotional products we have featured, marketers can use pillows to promote brands in many ways. You may already have your strategies in mind, but you may also consider these suggested marketing ideas below.


Utilising pillows or cushions as your promotional giveaways can keep your business in the minds of your target market.

As they may cuddle them often while at home, these can bring your brand closer to your customers.

Moreover, these custom logo pillows will always remind them about your business.

Thus, when they plan to purchase products relevant to your brand, they’ll more likely choose you over your competition.

Custom plush toys, pillows, cushions and other soft merchandise create contest rewards for businesses.

When appropriately designed, they may appeal to both young and adult shoppers.

But apart from their attractive designs, the comfort they may bring help lures customers to join a particular contest.

Ultimately, customers would be encouraged to do business with you as they can get these items for free.


People are visual creatures. They get easily attracted to things that please their eyes.

Decorating your place with customised pillows is one of the best ways to hook them.

You can display them on the couch in your lounge or receiving areas.

But not just mere displays; these can make your customers more comfortable while doing business with you.



Offering pillows as gift with purchase items is another subtle but effective way to invite customers to your business.

These gifts can make them feel rewarded after purchasing something from you.

After all, who wouldn’t love to receive a free gift?

Thus, you can never go wrong with using comfy pillows as your incentive items for your customers.


Your loyal customers deserve to be rewarded for their continuous support of your business.

Thus, rewarding them with your company’s custom logo pillows can make them feel reciprocated and appreciated.

For instance, you may offer such merchandise when customers have already collected a particular number of shopping points or when they reach a specific worth of purchase.

If you’re also in the beverage industry and thinking of other innovative ideas to market your business, here are some items you may add to your list.

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